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Covid-19 Isn't Over Yet

By Ben Lopez Date: 1/1/2021

Please remember that although we are in another year, the Covid-19 crisis hasn't changed. In fact there's another strain of the virus that no one seems to be sure the impact it will have. They are saying that this novel mutation strain is a lot more contagious than the original Covid-19, however they are not sure if it will effect the number of deaths. It would seem to me that if it is more contagious more people will contract it and more people will die. So be careful, quarantine as much as possible, wear a mask when away from home, especially indoors away from home, wash your hands, keep a sanitizer close by and keep a safe distance (6-feet) when with people that you do not live with, even relatives that may visit you or you visit them. With the vaccines that are being rolled out to hospitals and other medical facilities, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I hope that all of us make it out of this tunnel into a more normal society. It's up to us!

Let me apologize for not updating this page since the first of March with Mike Maher's help we have been able to post news and obituaries on the site, so please visit this site occasionally even if we do not send out mass emails. The visit to the site, helps to pay for the hosting.

Well most of us made it to 2021 after what was probably the worst year in many of our lives. From our obituary database, 2020 wasn't so bad, I hope the reason is we all stayed at home most of the time. Although we do memorialize spouses and other family members of our group, we do not enter them in the database. We do keep them on the news page, until the news page gets too long. We may look into starting archive pages to keep these obituaries active for search purposes. Website like who are in it for profit, require fees to keep obituaries active, including the guest books on their sites.

For me personally 2020 was the worst year of my life. I lost my wife, Joyce Elizabeth DiMeglio Lopez, of 40 years to pancreatic cancer. Along with the Covid-19 crisis this made life miserable for her as I could not take her anywhere because of her compromised immune system caused by the cancer and the chemo treatments. For those who knew Joyce and I, I've created a memorial for her, see Forever Missed. I'm not the only one in the Has-Been's printers group who lost his spouse this year, Joe Neri lost his spouse, Midge, on September 12, 2020.


To view some of the past videos, go to Hang A Pig on YouTube. Not all are there yet, we're working on getting all the ones we've made up as soon as possible.

Every technology, including the printing press, comes at some price.

- Bill Keller