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  GPO Bookstores
—Publish date: December 21, 2020. GPO to Close Brick-and Mortar Bookstore, submitted by Bill Krakat

Posted: June 30, 2019

 Milestones of Linotype Achievements
—Publish date: Unknown. Photos and captions on the evolution of the Linotype machine from 1883-1940, submitted by Eileen Smith

Posted: June 30, 2019

 Farewell Talk by the Public Printer, March 15, 1948, submitted by John Mogavero

Posted: July 22, 2018

 1944--A Digest of Rules and Regulations for Employees of the GPO, submitted by John Mogavero

Posted: July 22, 2018

 Random rosters of union members
—From shops around the Metro Washington, DC, area, including GPO, circa 1969-1970.If you have any information on these lists, please let us know. They were scanned by Mike Maher, given to him by Joe Neri.

Posted: January 2, 2017

 150 Year Anniversary America's Oldest Labor Union
—Columbia Typographical Union 101 booklet celebrating 150 years of it's existence in 1965. In 5 days from this posting the CTU will be 202 years old. This booklet was scanned by Mike Maher, given to him by Joe Neri.

Posted: January 2, 2017

 GPO Caferteria Menu 1931
—For those who worked at GPO after they sold Budweiser in the caferteria...they sold what? Yep, and you could get a tongue sandwich with it, all for 20¢. Thanks to Bob Robb for supplying this gem.

 Tri-Nitely Bowling League Awards Ceremony, May 15, 1983 [30 megs]
—Thanks to Mike Maher for scanning and posting and Mike Divver for supplying the printed version.

 America's Oldest Union, CTU-101 [38 megs]

 Tenure of Danford L. Sawyer, Jr., as GPO Public Printer
—Courtesy of Also, thanks to Joe Neri for calling this to our attention. Anyone who worked at GPO during Dan Sawyer's administration will want to read this [External link].

  Rips Breakfast (Posted as home page: 5/29/2016)

  Union Membership (Posted as home page: 3/23/2016)

  Documentary: "Farewell - ETAOIN SHRDLU - 1978" [External Link]

  Last Hot Metal Printer at NY Times [External Link]