Has-Been's Breakfast At Rip's May 2016

If you are one of those person's like me who always puts off going to the Has-Been's breakfasts, then don't put it off any longer. Although I have an excuse I live 400 miles away, but it's worth it to attend occasionally. The last time I attended was October 2013. And one thing I noticed, some of the regulars are no longer with us. For the retirees a Friday Breakfast with other retired workers is pretty easy, especially if you live near Rip's in Bowie, MD. For the member's still working it is a little more difficult, but a late arrival on a Friday is probably doable to most.

If you want to see some photos that I took at this last breakfast here's a link to them.

For me, it was good to see some of the co-workers that were not in attendance at the October 2013 Breakfast. Jack Harkins, Art Augustin and George Enchino, The President of Columbia Typographical Union 101-12 was also present this time. I also was able to see Larry Mogavero and his pal Dick Lillard, the 3 of us attended High Point High School in Beltsville, MD. In one of our classes Dick and I would pass our top 10 songs to each other and then analyze each list. As I recall, we both wanted to be disc jockey's, I never pursued it, but Dick had a successful career playing mostly Rhythm & Blues music on popular radio stations in the Baltimore-DC area.

On Wednesday night John and Larry Mogavero, Mike Maher, Dick Lillard and myself went to Camden Yards to see the Orioles play the Mariners, the O's won 5-2 and everyone was happy but me, just kidding it was a good game and we all enjoyed the company.

Other's in attendance at the breakfast that I saw in October 2013 were, Terry Collins, Bill Ryan and Dave Brinkman. Too bad James Isaac, Joe Neri and Jake & Alice Spencer didn't make it this time. I sure appreciate Mike Maher's work in making sure that when I come up that I'm able to visit with many of the co-workers that don't attend the breakfasts, but were especially important part of my last years at GPO/GSDD, Russell Duncan was the manager of GSDD and Ed Triene who I worked along side the last years in night GSDD.

After the breakfast John Mogavero, Bob Stevenson and myself had a long conversation mostly about the difficulty in getting some of the young people involved in official union activity. I know that some members that are still working come to this site and I would encourage any of them who would like to get involved, contact the union office and let them know. Union activity can help sustain the wages that we in the past enjoyed and it will benefit you and your co-workers in the future.

--Ben Lopez (5/29/2016)

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