World War II Veterans Honorees

As we lose our World War II veterans, we would like to pay a tribute to the many WWII veterans that taught us so much about humility, kindness and honor, while saving the world from the authoritarian Nazi regime. If you worked with a WWII veteran during your career, please go to the Contact Us page and send us information about this person. If you have photos or other material that you would like to be included, let us know and we will contact you.

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Bill Parr

I read proof with Bill Parr, at GPO, when we both transferred from the old hot-metal proof-room to the Electronic Printing Division proof-room. William "Bill" Parr was a British subject during World War II. He fought under Her Majesty's Armed Forces. As with other WWII vets, he never said much about his time in the military during the war. I know that he spent some time in the middle-east and was onboard when his plane crash landed. His path to GPO went through South Africa, Canada then to the United States. Bill had a daughter and a son, who he talked about often. I also recall that Bill didn't like it when he visited his U.K. family and they laughed at his daughter's Maryland accent. Bill was 70 years old when I read with him in 1977.

By 1942, when the U.S. entered the war, the Brits had been fighting for close to 3 years, so Bill's military time could have been longer than most American soldiers. I found a site called Mediterranean and Middle East theatre of World War II, if you care to read more about this subject.

--Ben Lopez